More flexibility in the translation export script

The translation export script is a much used feature by many of our clients and very appreciated.

There are already several nice options in there, but it's very inflexible.

We'd like to have either the possibility to get around the GUI and the FileChooser so that we can start the export with our own options.

or we'd like to see several more options like:

  • Giving feedback if the script was successful so that we can start a workflow/deployment...
  • Adding a parameter to predefine the export path / file name. If it is set, the file chooser doesn't pop up.
  • Adding a option in the GUI to preset the target language.
  • The same applies to the import: Options to preset the source path, and the target language gets auto-selected from the exported XML

At the moment the translation export can only get filtered by specific pageref folders and templates.

Additional it would be nice to add more filters for the export:

  • Only export pages/sections if it is marked as translated

As I see now, there's also a TranslationConnect Module. Maybe this would satisfy our needs. But I cannot tell because there's no documentation about it.


David Penack

I'm new here

for TranslationConnect Module doc see:

for access feel free to contact our helpdesk

I'm new here

The translation script should also support the displaynames. This is especially important if SEO-URLs are used, that rely on a properly translated displayname.