Logical and complete autocompletion in rule channel

By now there is autocompletion for

  • variables in output channels
  • Rules channel (to a certain extent)
  • Form channel

I request full autocompletion support for all attributes (especially name) in the rules channel.

Ideally, the options should be offered in relation to the context to reduce the amount of time spent with dealing which rule definition has to be made in order to validate input on a certain input component.

Example: Choosing a PROPERTY source such as an CMS_INPUT_TEXT shouldn't offer SIZE.

At least the GUI should throw an error such as appears in the log:

The element 'st_text' does not support a property named 'SIZE'!

Looking up the current options of an input component is quite annoying.

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Community Manager
Community Manager


thank you for your idea to improve FirstSpirit. It is important for us to learn from the experiences of our customers and partners. For this reason we appreciate feedback and any suggestion.

We have evaluated the issue once again, but have no plans for a realization in the near future. Therefore, we cannot consider your feature request at this time.

You can find more details about our feature selection process in our Features Policy.

Best regards