Initial creation of/editing existing language dependent media via ContentCreator

Dear FirstSpirit product responsibles,

starting with FirstSpirit 5.x and its complete refactored web-based solution "ContentCreator" the possibility to upload/edit LANGUAGE-DEPENDENT media has gone completely.

To be clear: we do not talk about a language-specific FirstSpirit input component "FS_REFERENCE". No, the media itsself should be language dependent.

Has this feature just been forgotten?

Currently, we checked the following ContentCreator dialogues in version 5.1.209

- direct media upload dialog


- edit EXISTING media contained in a section of a page via its underlying image input component. Here, we could observe that existing language dependent media content CANNOT be changed. It's just possible to choose complete different media reference but not to update the content of the media, the language tab shows. Additionally, there is no meta data information shown, informing the editor whether a:

  • language dependent
  • language independent

media is used!


Additional hint: in FirstSpirit SiteArchitect media elements can be made LANGUAGE DEPENDENT by choosing the context menu entry:
"Extras" -> "Make medium language-dependent"

Crownpeak Employee
Crownpeak Employee


this feature has not been forgotten. We decided to leave it out of the ContentCreator to reduce the complexity of the user interface and increase the overall usability.

Further "restrictions" of the ContentCreator are described here:

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...and what about all the language dependent media objects that do currently exist in FirstSpirit projects? In consequence: they cannot be edited/updated in ContentCreator anymore.

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Dear Mr Knoor,

"to reduce the complexity" can not be a serious argument. One of the big points for our decision to migrate to FS 5 was the promise that ContentCreator offers an equal support regarding input component support, workflows or the options for add ons.

We have thousands of WebClient editors doing the "standard" editorial maintenance for our Intranet. Let me quote what has to say about the ContentCreator:

"FirstSpirit CMS takes managing content and user experience to a new level of simplicity and efficiency for the entire content creation team. With our FirstSpirit ContentCrreator we provide a working environment that is not just designed for intuitive operation, but is actually fun and enjoyable to use as well."

Having read that it is hard to believe that some basic functionalities can not be completed or are not given at all only by using ContentCreator.
Let me add some more "gaps" (to not call it a bug) - besides the above mentioned language dependant media issue - that we have identified within ContentCreator (FS 5.1 b209).

  • The navigation can be edited (i.e. name changes but also structural changes) but there is no option of bringing that change live as this is simply not implemented within CC
  • I can easiliy edit existing media (i.e. via the media menu or a search) but can not release the changes
  • I can upload media, but not release them (if they are not referenced within a page and thus can be released via a workflow). But what happens if i.e. another editors uses/references my media but does not have the permission to releases them?
  • How can a CC editor change the start page of a menu item
  • How can a CC editor decide to (temporarily) hide a navigation item?
  • etc.

All those tasks are standard tasks of a WebClient/ContentCreator user  - at least within our organization. Are we that uniquie?  ...that is hard to believe.

I kindly ask you to take this points and consider them seriously when working on the roadmap for upcoming release and I'd also please you to spend a minute to comment on the mentioned issues.

Thanks a lot for your understanding!

Kindest regards

Rouven Kloppmann

Crownpeak Employee
Crownpeak Employee

Dear Mr. Kloppmann,

Here is my feedback concerning the different aspects you mentioned:

1. Uploading and editing language-dependent media

As stated above there is currently no way to upload language-dependent media via the ContentCreator. Apart from your FR there have not been many requests from other customers yet to implement this feature. Although it is not a standard feature, it is possible to implement a project-based solution, for example by adding an FS-BUTTON function that handles language-dependent uploads.

Editing a language-dependent media is possible when the media is accessed via the search functionality provided by the ContentCreator. Just perform a search for your desired media and edit it directly from the result report. This will allow you to exchange the language version for the current language. In FirstSpirit >=5.2 it is also possible to enable the editing of language-dependent media directly from the input component (FS_REFERENCE).

2. Editing the navigation and releasing the changes

>The navigation can be edited (i.e. name changes but also structural changes)

>but there is no option of bringing that change live as this is simply not implemented within CC


The release logic should be implemented in an appropriate workflow. In general the specific workflow logic is project-dependent.

Nevertheless we have implemented a standard logic that implements a generic release strategy (called "Basic-Workflows"). The Basic-Workflows should be a good starting point for most projects.

They are able to release structural changes within the ContentCreator (renamed menu items or moved navigation folder). Please ask our Helpdesk for the lasted version of the Basic-Workflows.

You are also able to change more modify the proposed release logic within you project. The source code of the release logic is available as an Open-Source implementation on GitHub.

3. Releasing Media Changes

Case 1: Media that have been referenced:

The release workflow should be implemented in a way that it will release all referenced objects together with the page that is to be released. Our example implementation of the Basic-Workflows covers this scenario.

Case 2: For media that have not been referenced:

Normally you would not need to release media that are not referenced anywhere since they will not be generated anyway. However, we have raised this topic internally (internal ID: 159686) and we are working on a UI concept at the moment.

An alternative that is now available would be to implement a media "upload hook" that automatically releases new/changed media if the editor has the release permission for medias.

4. Changing the start page of a menu item

The ContentCreator makes the sitestore structure transparent for the editor (in order to reduce complexity). Therefore the concept of a "start page for a menu entry" does not exist here. A menu entry is equal to its start page.

It's possible to add this function by writing a script (or Java class). This script ("set this page as start page") could be shown within the "action" menu of the ContentCreator.

5. Hide a menu item

You can easily hide a menu item if you put the information in the metadata and adjust your navigation function accordingly.

An alternative could be: Hide menu items by removing all read-permissions for the (website) user, if you have enabled a security feature for the navigation.

To wrap it up: The ContentCreator does not aim to be a 1-to-1 replacement for the Site-Architect. It is regarded as the everyday-tool for the editor. Obviously the views on what a day-to-day-task is vary from customer to customer. We therefore highly appreciate input like yours because it helps us to improve the ContentCreator step by step and add functionality that you need for your daily business.

Best regards,

  Andreas Knoor

Crownpeak Employee
Crownpeak Employee

The creation and the management of language-dependent media within the ContentCreator is planned for FirstSpirit 5.2.

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That's good to know!

Is it going to be part of the "ContentCreator Media Center" and are there any details that you can already share with us? How is the UI going to look like, will workflows be possible on media, etc.?

Thanks for sharing...

Crownpeak Employee
Crownpeak Employee

I will add some screenshots (and details regarding the functionality) soon.