Formular fields - visual hint for descriptions

Dear Community,

I would love to give my editors more infos and hints in the formulars. I really like the description field in the LANGINFO for that. There is only one problem: How does the editor know that it is worth hovering the mouse over the label, if there is no visual hint, that there is more info there? Especially new editors to first spirit would only find this good feature by accident.

I would love it, if there was some sort of visual hint like a little icon if a description is present!?

What's the goal: Editor get a better user experience because they notice where extra info was provided for them.

Who is it for: Editors

How would the improvement help you and your team: Happy Editor, happy Programmer! At the moment we use CMS_LABEL for these informations, but it looks ugly and there is no good way to specify if it belongs to the field above or below. Grouping is nicely visible in the SiteArchitekt, but not so great in the ContentCreator. This feels like a workaround, especially when we do have a place to perfectly place the info on the field.