FirstSpirit doesn't reconnect after connection lost errors

Everybody knows it...

Whenever FirstSpirit SiteArchitect went through a bad connection; the SiteArchitect closes due to a connection error.

This is really, really disturbing and anoying, especially when the client is not that fast...

State of the art as nearly every enterprise and even non enterprise software is, that there is a automatic reload on the software with a loading hin: "getting connection back"...


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This is definitely a great idea! Especially in setups where connections are routed through internet with little to no QoS this is not just nice but required to ensure customer (editor) satisfaction.

Should definitely be added in near future!



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If it would automaticly reconnect, this would be great! We have a lot of users/editors that are complaining about this problem. Please add this on FirstSpirit.

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Isn't this a duplicate with the german request

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Hi all, this feature was delivered with FS 5.2R5.

"If a communication error occurred between SiteArchitect or ServerManager and the FirstSpirit server, clients previously needed to be exited manually and restarted after communication with the server was reestablished. As of FirstSpirit version 5.2R5, active client sessions will no longer be automatically ended in this case."