FS_REFERENCE - Folder restriction for uploadFolder


we need the functionality that the restriction of the folder is also be used for the upload. The code below restricts the folders for the selection of a new Media File. All uploaded media files will be placed directly under the subfolder. Now it wheres cool when I can show the customer the same restricted view of folders like the selection for one file.

      <FS_REFERENCE name="st_media_file" allowEmpty="no" hFill="yes" upload="yes">


          <ALLOW type="media"/>



          <LANGINFO lang="*" label="Media File"/>



          <LOCAL name="." uploadFolder="subfolder">


              <FOLDER name="subfolder" store="mediastore"/>





We need a way to show a restricted view for the upload folder popup. It must be possible to select a subfolder where the file is placed from the upload.

Link to the actual docs: FirstSpirit Online Documentation - FS_REFERENCE

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