Enhance FirstSpirit Cloud redirects

The FirstSpirit cloud instances supports the creation of custom redirects for editors (aws-services-url redirect). This redirects currently do not carry over url query parameter to the target url. For various reasons (e.g. tracking, prefill forms, etc.) an option to configure this behaviour for redirects would be desirable.

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Busch Vacuum Solutions would be very interested in such a feature since we already use the redirects for global campaigns and are not able to track user activities resulting from these short links. The enhancement of the FS cloud redirects is the only way to track language neutral short links which we are using in several campaigns. For example if we want to track if users scan our qr codes we implement a language neutral link pointing at the URL. The information that traffic is coming from a qr code gets lost since URL query parameter can't be added to the target URL. If we would want to have tracking parameter we would need to produce qr codes for each country and won't be able to have a short link to print on top of the qr code. That's only one example, I will add more to push this feature further.