Delta-Generation: Vote for a new DependencyRule.PROPAGATE_MEDIA_CHANGES_TO_CONTENTSTORE

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currently changes to media elements cannot be propagated to the content store. As a result, modifications of media elements outgoing from the media store have no direct effect to the generation process during a delta generation. For example, if someone is replacing an image of a media object inside the media store and this media object is referenced by a data set inside a data source which is used by a content projection site, the related site is not re-generated. Hence, one have to "modify" the data set to achieve the desired effect. This behavior yields to inconsitent states between e.g. a partial- and a delta-generation output and a manual "modify process" is error-prone, too.

Hence, a new DependencyRule to control this behavior would be very useful.

Ticket ID: #13224

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Crownpeak employee
Crownpeak employee

Hi Jochen,

since FirstSpirit 2020-09 there is a rule


For more details have a look in the release notes at chapter 5.2.

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