Classical File Choose Dialog instead of Media Search Dialog


if I want to select a picture to populate a FS_REFERENCE the content creator displays a dialog in which I should find the picture. This might be a good idea if you know the image name, but in our case you usually don't.

For us it would be preferable to have a "classical" file choose dialog. All our pictures are organized in folders and it is ussually the easiest way to just navigate to the correct folder. I know that it is possible to use the filter to navigate to a specific folder, but this is very unintuititve. If you don't know it you would not suspect that you can find the folder structure in the filter field. The folder structure should be prominently accessible in a way that is similar to the windows file chose dialog, because that is what editors usually know. In the Site Architect the dialog is much better because you always see the folder strucutre on the left side.

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