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FAQs - Why can't I see an issue highlighted in my page?


Why can't I see an issue highlighted in my page?


Crownpeak DQM will always try to highlight any issues it finds within the Analyzer for you. However, in some cases this is not possible as some issues are only visible in the page Source code.

If an issue relates to the absence of a particular element

An example of this is a missing metadata description attribute. Crownpeak DQM cannot highlight this either in the Browser or Source view, because there is not code or text to highlight.

When the error relates to content in a hidden or dynamic page element

There are many examples of this: e.g. a layer or menu that needs to be clicked on to see; commented out code; issues with the page title or metadata; content only visible to users without stylesheets or Flash, or users of a different device type.

Try using the 'Source' view button to see the highlighting within the source code of the page.



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