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Dashboards is a feature found within Crownpeak’s CMS that allows for users to easily view the most important tasks and activities on your site.

It provides a central point where you can monitor your site’s recent activity, and track web content optimization (WCO) analytics, if applicable.

In this video, you will gain a better understanding of the different dashboards found in V3, and the widget found in the default dashboard setting, and be able to add, delete, or modify the different dashboard widgets.

Begin by opening up the dashboard on the toolbar. You will first see the Default Dashboard, and three widgets: Recent File Activity, Errors, and Workflow Tasks.

Recent File activity displays which files have been worked on recently, along with the date the file was accessed. Clicking on the view report link, you can see more details on recent file activity. 

Errors displays which assets are affected by publishing errors, along with the date the asset was changed, and the current workflow status. Clicking on the arrow, you can see more details on the error, along with the asset’s current workflow status.

Workflow Tasks displays a list of assets and their workflow status. The Workflow report also gives more details on the asset, and is searchable either from the report view, or from the widget itself.  

One great feature you will find with dashboards is the ability to click through to see the original asset. This is available for each widget on the default dashboard.  

From the Dashboard drop down menu, you will see an Analytics and Optimization dashboard. These dashboards will only be active if your site utilizes WCO. 

The Analytics Dashboard is especially useful when you are using WCO Auto Beacons for tracking. 

By defualt the Analytics Dashboard features 4 widgets:  

  • Traffic Sources 
  • Analytics Charts  
  • Content 
  • Audience 

The WCO Analytics Filter allows you to filter by collection, content snippets, target, website, website page, and date range.

The Traffic SourcesWidget displays how visitors reach your site. The dropdown menu allows for looking at whether the traffic comes from social media, web searches, or other sources.

The Content Widget displays what content is being view on your site. You can use the grid or chart view to view this information. 

The Audience Widget allow you to see what browser, operating system, screen size, language, and countries your visitors are reaching your site from. 

The Analytics Charts Widget provides a useful way to view your websites and conversions over a period of time. This chart also displays the percentage increase or decrease, compared to the previous timeframe chosen in the filter. 

Navigating back to the dashboard dropdown, you will see the Optimization Dashboard. If your site utilizes WCO snippets, this dashboard allows for viewing the targeting and testing that’s been established.  

The Optimization Dashboard uses the same WCO analytics filter in order to view specific analytics on your CMS.  

There are two widgets within the Optimization Dashboard, Targeting and Testing.  

Within the Targeting Widget, you will see the different targeting snippets that have been established in WCO, and be able to compare Visits/Conversions, Visits and Conversions over Time, Variant Comparison, and an Aggregate Comparison. 

The Testing Widget allows for an overview of the A/B testing that was set up in WCO testing.  

Similar to the Targeting widget, Testing allows for an overview of Visit/Conversion Comparison, Visits/Conversions over Time, Variant Comparison, and an Aggregate Variant Comparison overview. On the right side, you can scroll through each content snippet and see the Visits, Conversions, and % of Conversions of all your snippets that are set up for testing within WCO. 

You should now have a better understanding of Dashboards and their widgets within the Crownpeak CMS.  If you have any issues with configuring your dashboards or any questions please check the DXM Knowledge bases and forums or reach out to your Customer Success Manager.  

Thanks for watching! 

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