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DXM Release Notes - 7 Sept 2022

September 7, 2022

This release allows admins to add users for downloading Template Profiling results and improves other areas of the platform.

Template Profiling - Add User for download ability

The Crownpeak CMS now allows Admin users to add other users to a group, giving permission to download both the Template Profiling results as well as Preview Render Profiling results. These JSON files can then be reviewed by Support or Development if necessary.

The Template Profiling user interface can be accessed by right-clicking any asset and selecting “Run Template Profiling.” Download links are at the bottom. [Picture 1]

Picture 1Picture 1

DXM Improvements

  • New Publishing and asset.Publish dependencies: Fixed an issue where dependent assets were not being published when asset.Publish was true. 00165817, ZD 19739
  • File Upload: Fixed an issue where asset did not correctly call filename.aspx and an incorrect publish URL was provided. ZD 69442
  • New Publishing: Fixed an issue where if nav wrapper path is incorrectly set in the template an error is not shown in the CMS.


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