Crownpeak (Retired)

DXM Release Notes -22 October 2020

Build 20626, October 22nd, 2020


We are excited to announce a significant update to the way the Crownpeak platform is accessed in your browser; you no longer need to add “V3” at the end of your CMS Instance URL.   

One Crownpeak DXM UI  


The third version of the Crownpeak DXM UI was introduced in 2016 under the name V3 as browser-based, fully responsive and customizable web experience.  Built with the latest web technologiesV3 was designed to provide a foundation for richer content management experience.  

V3 was launched alongside two other Crownpeak UI experiences, Classic and Volte, and to differentiate it from them, “V3” was required in the URL as follows:[YourInstanceName]/V3    

After the retirement of our Classic UI last year, and the planned retirement of Volte later this year, the time has come to recognize V3 as our one and only DXM UI moving forward, and as such, we’re pleased to eliminate the requirement of adding “V3” to the URL to properly access the DXM UI in your browser.   

The URL to access the DXM UI for your instance is:[YourInstanceName] 

This update is backwards compatible; any existing links or bookmarks that reference “V3” will continue to work and will automatically be redirected to right URL. 


DXM Improvements   


  • Fixed the issue with new branching when assets on the new branch appear to have zero fields. (OCD-20616) 
  • Fixed the issue with Input Form Selector when Sometimes fields show data from other fields of the same name and type in the form when inside nested form selector controls. (OCD-20757) 
  • Fixed the issue when an expanded panel or any panel that hides fields and that panel includes an Input.ShowFormSelector() then any previously saved data in that Input.ShowFormSelector() gets deleted(OCD-20893) 
  • Fixed the issue when Save button functionality is not working while deleting multiple list panel(OCD-20972) 
  • Fixed the issue where WCO Control in Single List, Nested List does not persist Snippets, Variants, etc. (OCD-20962) 
  • Fixed the issue where Form Selector errors in Console and prevents saving Single list with WCO Controls. (OCD-20968) 
  • Fixed the issue when asset data is getting lost in panels using Form Selector. (OCD-2092) 
  • Fixed the issue when Input.ShowFormSelector() can't delete Panels. (OCD-20927) 
  • Fixed the issue when clicking the 'Source Code' link in a WYSIWYG control a popup appears displaying "CodeMirror not found error" (OCD-20854) 


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