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DXM Release Notes - 20 November 2019

DXM Release Notes
Build 7343, 20 November 2019

DXM Improvements

  1. Build Form Model Prompt is correctly displayed. (OCD-16925)
  2. Inactivity Monitor is working as expected. (OCD-15289)
  3. Correct number of email addresses is shown when adding to import configuration, and correct error is displayed when maximum amount is exceeded. (OCD-16799)
  4. Saved Index Values for an Iterator Field remains in order when updating panels. (OCD-14046) (CN-92390)
  5. Publish Orphan Clean Up correctly queries Publish Queue table. (OCD-16766)
  6. Existing data is not prefilled when adding new Panels. (OCD-16032) (CN-102040)
  7. Workflow Filters are working as expected when editing. (OCD-13825)
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