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DXM Release Notes - 19 November 2020

Build 21302, November 19th, 2020

This release contains an upgrade to CDC (Crownpeak Desktop Connector) for significant performance improvements in loading, opening, and saving template and library files. It also includes several incremental updates to various areas in the CMS.</p?

CDC Updates 

When a user works on a template or library file, it is expected that the template file and supporting libraries are loaded, saved, and compiled in a fast and efficient manner. In the release, we have made some changes to improve source library file management and development performance. 

1. File Load/Open: 

To improve the file loading, we have added the ability to refresh the libraries file through the context menu (right-click on the template file). That’s the “Refresh Dependencies and Edit” button that is added to the context menu.

The “Refresh Dependencies and Edit” button can be used to load all the dependent libraries every time a user opens a file. Currently it loads all the dependencies if they are missing or if they are requested via the new context menu. [Figure 1] 


Note: The expand and collapse folder actions will no longer automatically refresh the folders/files list in the selected folder. 


2. File Save and Compile: 

The two actions “Save” and “Save and Compile” have been split out to provide Save-only functionality in addition to the ‘Saving and Compiling’ option. 

  • The toolbar “Save” now only saves the latest changes for the source code. A short cut key (CTRL+S) will only save the file. [Figure 2] 
  • The new toolbar “Save and Compile” selection performs the original functionality of the “Save” button - it saves and compiles the active document and its dependencies. Developers can click on the new button “Save and Compile” in the toolbar or right-click on the file and select the right menu “Compile” option to test any template/library file changes. [Figure 2] 

Figure 2Figure 2

Note: To get the CDC updates, please install the latest version of CDC Users won't be able to see the "Save and Compile" button until they restart VS.

The update is available only for VS extension of 2017 and 2019. The latest CMS version is not backward compatible with the previous versions of the CDC. 


DXM Improvements

  • Fixed the issue where a Widget component in the middle of the list throws an error upon save. (OCD-21044) 
  • Fixed the issue where Publish Audit report shows a modal with the wrong message instead of Publishing details of the page when a user clicks on the “Info” icon. (OCD- 18701) 
  • Pen Test: Fixed the issue where the former variable contents were not being encoded when using them in HTML output. (OCD- 20766) 
  • Fixed the issue where components did not load correctly in the branched project folder. (OCD- 20931) 
  • Fixed the issue where compilation error messages were not displayed when saving a template file that contains an error or incorrect syntax. (OCD- 21161) 
  • Input Form Selector: Fixed the issue that occurred where saving Form Selector (Single List with WCO Controls and Wyziwygs) after multiple deletes, Modifications, saves and reloads caused the asset to appear as Dirty (an asterisk next to its name). (OCD- 20992) 
  • Input Form Selector: Fixed the issue where adding new WCO Controls from the Content Object led to some data bleed. (OCD- 20967) 
  • Input Form Selector: Fixed the issue where moving WCO controls in a list panel copied the content to other controls. (OCD- 21271) 
  • Input Form Selector: Fixed the issue where the WYSIWYG editor did not display content after save. (OCD- 21087) 


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