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DXM Release Notes - 17 September 2020

Build 19044, September 17th, 2020 


This release has several upgrades related to localization of template UI components, Input Form Selector, and Search G2. 


Localize Template UI 

Previously, when an author switched to a different language other than English, the template UI elements (labels, help messages, error messages, etc.) were not localized by the UI since they were not part of the UI and defined by a template developer in the template. This upgrade adds the ability to state the language selection in the Context Object within the Templating API to localize the template UI basics. 


var lang = context.Language; 

Input.ShowMessage("User language preference set to \"" + lang + "\""); 

if (lang.Equals("fr")) 


  Input.ShowTextBox("entrer le contenu","content"); 



{  Input.ShowTextBox("Enter Content""content"); 



Input Form Selector 

The Input form selector method now allows developers to show Input Forms under the dropdown in the same order as added to the template dictionary.  


Search G2 

Crownpeak provides Custom Endpoints for Search G2 to allow the user to insert data directly into the SOLR collection rather than passing through DXM. 

To further guidance on how to use this functionality we have created the page Crownpeak SearchG2 Custom Endpoint Best Practice Examples. 

This provides useful examples on how to add a single document, add multiple documents, or delete documents using this custom endpoint. 


DXM Improvements   


  • Fixed the issue where sometimes nested Input.StartDropDownContainer() values inside the Input.ShowFormSelector() persisted, and other times they did not. Now, every control should persist with the last saved value, irrespective of the position of control, whether it is accessible in a direct or nested manner. (OCD- 20457) 
  • Improved the performance and user experience of loading large folders within the CDC file menu. (OCD-18885) 
  • Fixed the security issue where Search G2 configuration could be manipulated by users other than CPTAdmin(OCD- 20456) 



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