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Using WYSIWYG in NextPanel


When I try to use WYSIWYG in a NexPanel, the input does not get WysiwygParams values in newly created list items;



  while (Input.NextPanel("sections", displayName: "Sections"))
    WysiwygParams wParams = new WysiwygParams();
    wParams.ImageFolder = "/_Assets/images/";
    wParams.DesignEditTabs = true;
    Input.ShowWysiwyg("Content", "content", wParams);   




Did I miss something? Or is there anything I need to change?

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Crownpeak Employee

Good question. That is an issue that has been identified and is currently in our backlog to be resolved.

Currently, as a workaround, after adding the WYSIWYG to the list save the asset and refresh the form. This will add the missing options to the WYSIWYG as normal.

Thank you,


David Greenberg
Customer Support Engineer

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