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Please forgive me as I'm a total newbie. Our vendor never showed us the correct way to update "existing content". We have to manual rename our folder, hide it, then upload a new version of the same content using the same name in order to keep the same URL.

FYI, our content is zipped and uploaded, usually publish by the following tool: Articulate Storyline, Articulate Rise, and Adobe RoboHelp). I'm hoping this community would be able to help me since our Vendor isn't an option for a solution.

Thank you so much.

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normally you would branch the assets, upload new versions, and then publish the via workflow.

However, if you have dozens or hundreds/thousands of assets that need to be uploaded, this may not be practical.  If this is a regular occurrence, I would suggest versioning your folder names and then us custom publishing properties to have them overwrite the original files.  


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