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Unable to Edit component using Component selector in Inline Mode.

I am unable to Edit in Inline mode the components having the option to author with only list of components from dropdown.

For ex: I have a TestComponent which is using a ComponentSelector dropdown(Default selection set to paragraph)

When I add the component in the Drag and drop (inline Mode) and try to edit the text "Insert Text here..." (appearing as default selection of the dropdown is Wysiwyg/paragraph), I am unable to do so.

I did tried using asset["name"] instead of asset.raw["name"] for the ComponentSelector but it did not helped in resolving the issue.


Please suggest how I can use the ComponentSelector in any components and make it still editable in Inline mode.



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Since this may be specific to your custom implementation, would you be able to submit a case with the details and replication steps.


Edward Chan
Sr Product Consultant

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