Search G2 - specify the location of the Crownpeak Search G2 Software Proxy Script

Dear Community Members, 

Please can you help me understand how and where to specify the location of the Crownpeak Search G2 Proxy Script/Proxy page? 

Please note the following action items are complete:

  1. Search G2 private collection created
  2. Client certificate procured and base-64 encryption done
  3. The Proxy page also created that contains the client certificate procured with base-64 encryption
  4. Search G2 Templates created
  5. SearcgG2Helper.cs created
  6. Search Results page created

I have added the below code in our Search Results Template/Output.aspx file (replaced it with our private collection).


 Now, I am not able to understand how will I get a similar code as below for our collection?


Will it be possible to provide the exact steps? Also when I republish the page and check the page in browser I am getting a 404 error.

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Crownpeak (Retired)

If you have completed step 3 (proxy page also created that contains the client certificate) and the proxy page has been deployed, you will have a URL for the proxy page.

Replace the placeholder {your_proxy_location} with the URL for your proxy page.

Note: you should not replace %%COLLECTION%% (or any of the %% delimited parameters) in the first URL as the Search SDK will do this for you when the query is constructed.

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