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DXM: Why Choose Between Efficiency and Security When You Can Have Both?

Your business uses a wide variety of web applications every day to get things done. On top of that, there is an equally wide variety of login credentials rules for all of those applications. Managing access for many different users can be dizzying, especially in the enterprise. Not to mention, the more loose ends there are with unregulated passwords, the more vulnerable your organization’s data security becomes. So why not opt for one, manageable, secure login for everything if possible?

Federated Authentication provides a convenient solution to these challenges. To best support our customers’ needs for both convenience and security, Crownpeak supports Federated Authentication. With Federated Authentication added to Crownpeak, your security team will have the extensive control they desire to ensure the following:

  • Your corporation will have the power to flexibly leverage its network logins to best work with Crownpeak.
  • Your users will more efficiently engage with your hub for marketing activities.
  • You will rest assured that the Crownpeak WEM platform is as safe as your corporate network.

But is Federated Authentication right for you?  Here are some questions:

  1. Does your organization already use Federated Identity Management (also known as “Single Sign-On” or SSO)? 
  2. Does your Federated Identity Management Provider support Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 (SAML 2.0)?
  3. Does your IT team offer a vendor integration handbook or guide?

Crownpeak Federated Authentication is an ideal solution for any Global enterprise looking to streamline end-user access across a large operational base.  Also beneficial for organizations that need to define their own approach to corporate security and regulatory compliance.  And don’t forget, any Crownpeak customer that already has Federated Identity Management in place is also a great fit.  In short, Federated Authentication can simplify the log in experience for your end-users while empowering your information security providers all the while strengthening corporate security on your terms.  In laymen’s terms it is like your car’s keyless entry and ignition, but for your Web Experience Management platform.

Still not sure – hopefully, we can answer some of your questions with these helpful FAQs

 What is the difference between Authentication and Authorization?

  • Authentication: “Are you who you say you are?”
  • Authorization: “What is this person allowed to do?”

How do Authentication and Authorization work with Crownpeak?

  • Authentication is managed either internally within Crownpeak, externally via a federated identity management relationship with the customer’s identity provider, or a hybrid blend of both.
  • Authorization is always managed within Crownpeak using the platform’s Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).

Does Crownpeak support Service Provider (SP) Initiated SSO or Identity Provider (IdP) Initiated SSO?

  • Crownpeak supports both SP-initiated and IdP-initiated SSO.

Which Federated Identity Management Platforms does Crownpeak support?

  • We support: 
    • Microsoft ADFS®
    • Ping Identity®
    • CA SiteMinder®
    • IBM Tivoli™
    • Shibboleth™
    • OpenAM™
    • RM5 IdM™
    • and any other SAML 2.0 compatible platform

If you are interested in learning more or to see if this solution is right for your organization, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or leave a comment here and we will be in touch.


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Sr. Director - Customer Success

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