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DQM Starters Guide

Understanding Dashboards - When to inform Crownpeak DQM on website changes


A starting URL or online XML sitemap is set up when dashboards are created

If there is any change on the URL then you would need to create a support case and inform the support team of the new starting URL or online XML sitemap URL

Here are common examples of changes in the URL:

- Website moved to https
Example: from http://www.crownpeak.com to https://www.crownpeak.com

- Sitemap has been moved to a different folder
Example: from https://www.crownpeak.com/en/sitemap.xml to https://www.crownpeak.com/sitemap.xml

- Changes in the sub-domain
Example: from https://www.crownpeak.com/en to https://en.crownpeak.com

- Folder has been renamed
Example: from https://www.crownpeak.com/press-release to https://www.crownpeak.com/news

- URL shortcuts have been set up

Example: from https://www.crownpeak.com/news/index.aspx to https://www.crownpeak.com/news


There may be other cases when URLs change, please coordinate with the support team for these cases.
Changes to the starting URL or sitemap that is not updated may cause the dashboard to drop to zero or one page.

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