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DQM Starters Guide

Understanding Dashboards - Password Protected websites and IP white listing

Password Protected Websites

If a website requires user credentials, kindly provide the support team with the login details should you wish to scan pages inside the login section.

Should an email address be required, please use

There may be some websites where automated login from our scanner will not be possible, this usually depends on how login is setup (example requiring captcha). For these cases our servers may need to be white listed and the scanner provided access to the pages without a login.

White listing Crownpeak DQM IP Addresses

There may be cases when Crownpeak DQMs scanning bot alias or IP addresses need to be white listed in order to scan a website.
Kindly provide the details below to your IT team should Crownpeak DQM need to be white listed on your web servers:

Alias / DQM User-Agent
Magus Bot 1.0

IP Addresses

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