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DQM Release Notes

DQM Release Notes - 1st November 2018

Global SEO Dashboard for Managers (OCD-8668)

Welcome to this October Feature update for Digital Quality Management.
Following the release of the Website Dashboard SEO Report, we are now releasing the Global SEO Report. This new Report is aimed at helping Website Managers and Administrators get a management-level view of SEO performance across your digital properties, it makes it easy to compare Group performance, identify top SEO issues and quickly drill down to view and correct affected sites.1-SEO Oveview.jpg

The new report is located under the “GROUP SEO” tab of the top navigation bar. The drop down menu at the top of the page enables you to filter the report to view data for “All Websites” or a specific Group.
The report shows an Overview of SEO issues seen across the different websites currently set up in DQM. The Report also shows how well the group is doing against DQM’s community average2-SEO Oveview Group.jpg

The SEO Checkpoint Overview provides the list of SEO checkpoints and the associated issues found. It also informs users on which checkpoints are marked against their Benchmarking scores and which ones have been set as a priority by their administrator3-SEO Checkpoints.jpg

Users can also drill down on the specific websites/dashboards affected by a particular issue by choosing one of the checkpoints. This will show the list of websites that are currently affected by issues related to the checkpoint. A download is also available for the specific checkpoint group.4-SEO Checkpoints Drill Down.jpg

Improve the Performance of Inventory page for a Website (OCD-8701)
We improved the performance of loading the Inventory page.



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