Crownpeak Employee
Crownpeak Employee

DQM Release Notes – 19 April 2018

Improvement to fetching file titles from password protected PDF files (OCD-5248)
The checkpoint assuring a title has been set to PDF files has been expanded to cover most cases of password protected files.

Fix of tags such as <b> applying to text when part of a checkpoint description (OCD-346)
A User interface fix where tags such as <b> or <h1> that are part for a checkpoint description were applied to the text itself inside Page Analyzer.
Tags such as <b> should now be shown in text form.

Sitemap Crawling – Links containing whitespace in the URL whitespace are now being included in generated Sitemap (OCD-6486)
A fix has been applied to the sitemap generator not fetching all links, if those include whitespace in the code. Sitemaps should now be generated and consider all links within the code.

Enhanced loading experience when loading pages (OCD-6677)
Our latest pages now have a new look and feel while they are loading content.

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