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How to do manualy analsis for all site in DQM Dashboard


I want to do an analysis after something is fixed in the site.

Our customer also wants to get the reports instantly after those changes.

Currently analysis is doing in every week. Is it possible to do the analysis and see it on the Dashboard when I want to ?

As I believe extension is only showing the one page.


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Crownpeak (Retired)

The analysis that DQM performs is currently based on a scheduled scan which is why updates are seen on a weekly basis.

We are currently looking at ways on how to improve this, particularly when changes are made only on a specific page. While this investigation is in progress the approach that is available as of the moment is if a change is made on a single page you could check if the issue still exists in Page checker or the DQM connectors. If a change has been made on the template level and affects all pages you could request for support to rescan the dashboard.


Aris Ramos
Head of DQM Product Management, CSPO, CSM

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