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Do not disable autocomplete

In my audit, I am seeing an item for Do Not Disable Autocomplete.

I did notice that the site search option we were using did not have auto complete, so I moved to Ajax Search Pro for Wordpress and paid for the pro version. 

It does have auto complete, but it is still being flagged. When I reached out to the support team, I was told the following. 


The search field autocomplete is explicitly turned off programmatically, as it should not be autocompleted by any information from the browsers. If you check google/bing or any other search engines their search inputs are also set to autocomplete=off ( https://i.imgur.com/XQFGTDu.png ) the same way.

I believe you can safely ignore that recommendation, search fields definitely should not have the autcomplete on, as the input is random and does not have a specific role.


I am not sure how to proceed since it seems that autocomplete is on, but does not satisfy the audit. 

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