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All pages should contain a link to cookies policy

If we have a link to our privacy policy on the page which has our cookie policy does this count as the same thing? Or do we need both even if they link to the same page?

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HI Jesse,


As best practice, a cookie policy should live in it's own page, and not be part of a privacy policy page. One of the reasons for this is it can be misinterpreted as an attempt to hide the policy deep within a website. To avoid this situation it is suggested to have a separate link on every page informing users that a cookie policy is available. This link can then be directed to the page where information on the website cookies is available.


If that is not possible and the cookie policy has to be within a privacy policy page (though still not recommended), an alternative is to have a separate cookie policy link on every page that contains an anchor ID directing the user directly to the cookie policy section of the privacy page. The anchor ID should contain the word "cookie".


I hope that helps.




Chris Packard
Manager, Customer Support

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