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DG Release Notes 17 December 2020

DG Release

Today's release for Universal Consent Platform adds support for new global privacy regulations and addresses and fixes bugs.

New Regulation Support

As the privacy market evolves, so do our tools, helping you maintain compliance and stay ahead of new regulations. Within the release today we are extending or adding support for 4 new regulations: 

  • Lei Geral de Protecao de Dados (LGPD) - Brazil
  • Thailands Personal Data Protection (PDPA) - Thailand
  • Kisisel Verileri Koruma Kanunu (KVKK) - Turkey
  • Nevada Consumer Opt-Out Law - Nevada

These new regulations will show up in three main areas of the platform: Notice Templates, Notice Creation, and Access Requests.

Notice Templates

We have added new templates for each of the above regulations.

To access them, click on Templates & Assets/Notice Templates.




These regulations are available to assign to your notices.  Instructions to do so can be found here.

Notice Creation

It is best practice to assign regulations at the template level, however in some cases you may prefer to assign them individually at a notice level.

To do so, start by logging into the privacy UI and clicking the “Manage” link you can see your list of notices.  Next, click into a particular notice.  On Step 2 of the UI in the drop down each one of the new regulations can be chosen and assigned to a country and/or state (Added Nevada).




When choosing a new regulation, the specific settings for the chosen setting will populate throughout the rest of the UI.

Access Requests

Lastly, the new regulations come with specific access requests.  Navigating to Access Requests will take you to the list of active requests.  From there you can break down each request by regulation and Request Type.



Fixed an issue where toggles for some Frist Party tags weren’t showing what had been consented to.

Fixed an issue on the cookie policy marker.

Fixed an issue on the options dialogue where the link out icon was not displaying.




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Fantastic information in this update!  Thank you for getting the word out.


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