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DG Release (Indirect opt-out reporting in Adnotice) - 1 Feb 2022

This release has two main components:

  • First, we added a new Adnotice event to the opt-out page. When a user clicks Opt-out through company an event reports which vendor has been opted-out.
  • The second part of this release is a new user role in UCP that doesn’t have access to personally identifiable information.

Adnotice - Indirect Opt-Out event

The indirect opt-out event occurs when a site visitor clicks on Adnotice link to the opt-out on the vendor’s website.


To support this new event, we added a new metric in our reporting to see the number of indirect opt-outs. You can run this report by logging in to Adnotice, click on the tab Ad Notice Opt-out report.


UCP - New user role without access to personally identifiable information

We added a new role in UCP, which has access to create and edit site notices, but this role does not have access to portions of the privacy UI where site visitor PII could be stored. Company admins can set up this new role on the user set-up page.


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