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DG Release (Exporting Access Requests Bug Fix) - 24 August 2021

This release contains UCP bug fixes that range from exporting data subject access requests to increasing the date range allowed on the consent dashboard.

Bug fixes

  • Added checks to ensure that all selected data is exported from the data subject access requests page.
  • Fixed the “URL Request Too Long” error that appeared when trying to export more than 1,000 access requests.
  • Increased the date range allowed to run consent reports from a 90-day limit to a 366-day limit.
  • Fixed an issue where new company translations would cause a 404 page not found error.
  • Improved the performance of the bulk save process on notice templates, making it easier to manage many notices on one template.
  • Fixed an issue where adding a new division did not make a copy of the default regulation templates.
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