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Community Manager

DG Release - 14 June 2022

    This release contains a number of bug fixes and enhancements:

    • Ziff Davis - Fix for Adchoices button location changes in Styles template.
    • BigMachine Label group - Can enable "Do not Sell" feature for Nevada supported regulation.
    • Merlin/Unilever/Shell/Zodiac Pool Systems - Fix for UCP logo upload modal appearing behind the notice preview.
    • Fiserv - Should be able to disable the "show button icon" for mobile themes/templates now.
    • GTB/Ford Direct - Removed the dropdown for Adchoice Tool Display mode.
    • Hide CNIL Panel/checkbox for regulations other than "GDPR" or "Custom Regualtion".
    • Tagpop product can only be assigned if a company has Autopop functionality.
    • Hide pubvendors.json link option in IAB section of notice Dialog settings.
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