Crownpeak (Retired)

25 August 2020

Today’s release makes Universal Consent Platform (UCP) more accessible and adds support for sub- domain consent.

WCAG accessibility changes:

As we continually add new features and capabilities to UCP, we want to make sure we support accessibility standards and maintain WCAG 2.0 compliance.  The following scenarios were addressed.

  • Tabbing through the tabs on the options dialogue
  • Tabbing through the displays of the options dialogue
  • Hyperlinks/CTA’s will change colour when hovered
  • Labels are announced as buttons instead of links
  • Close button is announced as a close button


Sub-domain Consent

Also, as part of this release we have added support for sub-domain consent when setting up a notice in UCP. Granular options and consent can now be passed on to sub domains.  Previously this was only available as “all or nothing,” and you could not enable vendor or category consent.  If this option is selected, consent will be moved from Local Storage to the cookie.  If it is not selected or all or nothing consent is used, consent will remain in Local Storage.


Bug Fixes:

Fixed an issue where when choosing No-Consent action in the UCP settings was displaying an unknown button on the options dialog.

Fixed an issue on some notices where the link/button to re-open the options dialogue was not appearing.  This was also related to the no consent notification.

Fixed an issue where we were seeing a “flick” on the options dialogue.  



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