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Crownpeak Employee

Understanding Resolved and Closed Cases

Resolved Cases

Once a Support team member finishes working on a case they would normally send a comment out to the case contact and change the status of the case to Resolved

  • Once a case is set to resolved the case contact will receive an email notification and the details of the actions made on the case
  • If additional actions need to be done that is not included in the initial case but is related to it please open a new case and reference the old case number
  • If there is further questions related to the current case or if the case is not complete please add a comment on the case feed. This will reopen the case.
Closed Cases
  • If the support team receives an acknowledgement from the user after the case has been resolved the support team member will close the case
  • For cases awaiting client feedback, the support team member assigned will attempt to contact the case owner. If no feedback is received, the case will be closed by the support team member after 7 days
  • Cases that are resolved will automatically close after 7 days if no feedback from case comments are received
  • The case contact will receive an email notification once a case is closed
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