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Understanding Case Priority

When creating a support case users will be provided an option to select the priority of cases created.

Below is the list of Case Priority available in the Community Portal

Low - The low priority setting can be used for cases where reference or additional information is needed that is not critical to any current work. If any action needs to be performed by the Support team we would recommend using the medium priority.

Medium - The default priority given to support cases that needs to be handled within the appropriate SLA requirements

High - This priority level is intended to address any critical issues that need to be addressed immediately. This would include any task where users are blocked from proceeding with their work until the issue is addressed.

Urgent -  This is a reserved priority for cases when:

  • The Platform down
  • Your Website is down or severly affected by an issue related to Crownpeak products
  • Users are unable to access the Crownpeak platform

The priority levels are set so that the Support team can address issues in a timely manner. It is also intended to ensure that if multiple requests do come in that the most critical tasks are addressed first.

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