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Ad Notice 2.0 FAQ: Amazon Placements - Custom Landing Page

Amazon Placements - Custom Landing Page

Amazon is now allowing the Evidon Enterprise notice for ads running on their properties.  However, they have required that we change our normal user experience to meet their specifications. Essentially, the typical overlay that you see when clicking the icon will be shut off, and instead a click will take the user to a custom Amazon landing page. Within the landing page you will see a section that mimics the overlay that would have normally shown on the ad (utilizing all your established logos, text/template, and links).  
You can view an example of the page here:,e,242,107

NOTE: You will not need to change anything within your tag in order to have this implementation occur, rather it will automatically change functionality when Amazon traffics your tag.  

When planning your Amazon placements, please make sure to notify your clients of this change. 

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