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Using the ODFS with its new, innovative FirstSpirit 4.2_R4-features makes the developers work a little bit easier. Sounds good, doesn't it?

The following text is an explanation of two options the ODFS offers you.

1.) Search

There is no need to spend your valuable time with searching in the ODFS for a FirstSpirit expression if you need an example or an explanation. FirstSpirit can do it for you within a few seconds.

Just mark the name of the expression (for example CMS_INPUT_TEXT or CMS_VALUE) and click F1 or the questionmark-icon. FirstSpirit will open a new tab in the AppCenter. In this tab you get a list of all search results which fit the text you marked before.

Choose the right entry and there you go.

(If there is only one result the detailpage of the expression will appear instantly.)

2.) Drag and Drop

Most of the time creating forms is just a copy-and-paste-and-giving-names-work, isn't it?

Well, we still can't name your form-items, but we can explain you a quicker way to creating forms.

Open the ODFS-Detailpage of the input-component you need in your JavaClient by clicking F1 or the questionmark-icon. In the right upper corner you can find a link named "for example", which mouseover-effekt is a colored background. Just drag and drop this link into your FirstSpirit client and you will the see that the whole code of the input-component will be insert.

Of course it is possible to insert just a part and not the whole code of an input-component. Therefore follow the mentioned link and mark the lines you need before you drag and drop them into your client. This step works for every single piece of code you mark in the ODFS.

On this way you don't need to copy and paste anymore - drag and drop instead.

Click to see a small screencast demonstration of the new feature

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