Content Deletion on the Live System

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For deploying generated content to the live system, FirstSpirit offers a "complete alignment" option.
This  method creates a data set on the web server which is completely  identical to the generation status. This means that files which are no  longer available on the development server are also deleted on the web  server, new files are copied, and old, already existing files are  overwritten by the new ones.

It  is however quite common that there are additional files on the live  server which belong to the entire website, but were not created by  FirstSpirit. In this case these files should not be deleted by  FirstSpirit when running a "complete alignment" deployment. How can this  be achieved?

Well, it is not a problem to have any  additional files on the live system, it is only important to have them  separated from the files which are managed by FirstSpirit.

Example (live server directory):


All  files beneath the fs_content directory will be updated when running a  complete alignment deployment. This means that files which are not  present in FirstSpirit will be deleted from this directory!

But all files from other sources (here beneath "other_content") won't be affected at all.

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