Comparison between Basic Search, Enterprise Search, and Google Search Appliance

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We often get asked for a comparision between the features provided by the Basic Search (based on Apache Lucene), the Enterprise Search (based on Exalead), and the Google Search Appliance. So we created the following table to get a quick overview about the main differences between these technologies.

Search features
Basic Search
Enterprise Search
Google Search Appliance
Full-text searchxxx
Fielded searchingxxx
Date-range searchingxxx
Wildcard queriesxxx
Boolean operatorsxxx
Excluding termsxxx
Approximate matchingxx?
Phonetic matching-xx
Spelling suggestions-xx
Thesaurus integration-xx
Search in results-xx
Multi-axial guided navigation-xx
Index features
Basic Search
Enterprise Search
Google Search Appliance
Duplicate content detection-xx
Advanced language processing (spelling, phonetic matching, approximate

matching and automatic lemmatization)

Index update by website crawlingxxx
Index update by push mechanism-xx
Incremental index update by FirstSpirit-xx
Create specific ranking rules-xx
Create custom categories / facets-xx
Named entity recognition-xx
Out-of-the-box support for more than 300 document types-xx
Provided connectors
Basic Search
Enterprise Search
Google Search Appliance
Connector for website crawlingxxx
Connector for databasesxxx
Connector for filesystem crawling (with ACLs)-xx
Connector for LDAP/AD-xx
Connector for Lotus Notes-xx
Connector for Microsoft Sharepoint--x
Connector for OpenText Livelink--x
Connector for IBM FileNet--x
Connector for EMC Documentum--x
Connector for Salesforce--x
Connector for MS Exchange-xthird party
Connector for Atlassian Confluence--third party
Push Connector-xx
Secure Searches
Basic Search
Enterprise Search
Google Search Appliance
Support of FirstSpirit Personalisation modulexxx
Authentification via LDAP-xx
Authentification via NTLM-xx
Authentification via Kerberos--x
Authentification via Cookie Session--x
Authentification via HTTP Basic Auth-xx
Authentification via SAML--x
Autorization based on ACL (early binding)--x
Autorization based on Content Soruce (late binding)--x
Autorization based on SAML (late binding)--x
Frontend featuresBasic SearchEnterprise SearchGoogle Search Appliance
AdWords, Keymatch, Recommandations--x
Sort by date-xx
Sort by relevance-xx
Sort by metatag-xx
People and Expert search--x
Document preview-xx
Query suggestions-xx
Related queries--x
Federation Interface to integrate search results of other systems into a single search result--x
Translation of search results--x
Standard web service support for indexing and searching-xx
AdministrationBasic SearchEnterprise SearchGoogle Search Appliance
Graphical webinterface for administration-xx
Localized (multi-language) administration--x
Search reports-xx
Crawling reports--x
Built-in cluster and fail-over mechanism-xx
SupportBasic SearchEnterprise SearchGoogle Search Appliance
Appliance (Hard- and Softwarecombination) optimized for search--x
Free hardware replacement on failure--x
24/7 Support included in licence--x
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