API-Diff overview for Firstspirit 5.2

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Crownpeak employee
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To have a quick overview of API changes made with FirstSpirit 5.2 we created a new API diff.

See attached diffs between following versions:

  • 5.1.410 to 5.2.102 (5_1_410-to-5_2_102.zip)
  • 5.0.606 to 5.2.102 (5_0_606-to-5_2_102.zip)

The archive contains diffs for both API versions (Access & Developer) located in separated directories within the zip-file.

Just unzip the archive and open the changes.html file for the specific API.

  • Access-API: api/changes.html
  • Developer-API: dev/changes.html

See also:

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