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Part 8: Accessibility Reports




This page brings together the results of all the accessibility checkpoints which DQM has run over your website, and shows you what that means in terms of compliance with the specific WCAG levels. 

First of all, you can see this control bar at the top Here is the target WCAG level which your organisation has specified. And here are the 3 WCAG levels, A, AA and AAA. You can use these checkboxes to filter which levels you see results for within the report. 

Next, you see a set of data blocks with the total number of issues for each level. Notice that the colour coding is also used in the table below. To the right of this is the DQM accessibility benchmarking score, and finally an export widget to download the entire page as a PDF. 


Now we come to the Compliance overview table which shows the full set of WCAG success criterion and all DQM automated tests being run against them.  

Here’s the number of pages tested. 

You can see that it's very rich in information. You can focus it down by hiding success criterion without automated tests, or by hiding WCAG levels.


Let’s look at the table in full. It's laid out according to the hierarchy of WCAG 2. These main headings are the principles. Next, the guidelines, and then the Success Criteria. 

You can see that for each Success Criterion we show its WCAG level and ID number. And if you click on this link it will take you to WCAG’s page on that Success Criterion. You can also see that DQM has found issues for this Success Criterion (mouse over the x). DQM is showing you that 19 issues have been found and that the average compliance for this Success Criterion is 52%. To find out more click on the row click to open the row.


Now you can see the DQM tests or checkpoints run against this Success Criterion. These ones have failures, this one at the bottom passes. Here is the number of pages with this issue. This bar shows you the percentage of pages affected by this issue. And finally, these links are for the Failures, Sufficient Techniques and Advisory Techniques being tested – you can click on any of these to find out more from WCAG. 

To dive in and fix these issues simply on the link and you’ll be taken to the familiar issues view for that checkpoint.  


Finally, not all Success Criterion can be tested automatically. Where this is the case we show this hand icon. In order to see how you can test for this Success Criterion you can follow this link to WCAG’s guidance. 

To summarise: this report is designed to help you manage the accessibility of an individual website. But what if you want to analyse or report on accessibility across multiple sites? We’ve also produced a dedicated report for this activity. It lives within the Analytics Dashboard area. 


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