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"Ignoring invisible PageRefFolder" in PortalXml-Generator

Hey Community,

we are running FirstSpirit 4.2 R4 with SAP Portal 7.3 and HLP Package.

After deploying all the stuff to the portal some menue-items in the second navigation layer are visible, some not. My user has all affected roles. I checked the portal_navigation_XX.xml file and saw the problem: the missing items are not mentioned in this xml-file.But they are exactly created like all other menue-items with the same settings.

Menue 1               <- visible

     Menue 1.1       <- visible

     Menue 1.2       <- NOT visible

     Menue 1.3       <- visible

Menue 2               <- visible

     Menue 2.1       <- NOT visible

     Menue 2.2       <- visible


A look to the logs gives the following hint:

INFO  16.01.2012 16:39:36.981 {seID=27262} (de.espirit.firstspirit.impl.access.ScriptContextImpl): FIRSTspirit PortalXml-Generator 4.2.446

INFO  16.01.2012 16:39:36.994 {seID=27262} (de.espirit.firstspirit.impl.access.ScriptContextImpl): Ignoring invisible PageRefFolder (uid=xxx, id=29600)!

INFO  16.01.2012 16:39:37.022 {seID=27262} (de.espirit.firstspirit.impl.access.ScriptContextImpl): Ignoring invisible PageRefFolder (uid=xxx, id=29658)!

But what does it mean "Ignoring invisible PageRefFolder"? I do not find any functionality to make menue items invisible or visible. The checkboxes in the first tab are checked ("show in navigation menue" and "show in SiteMap")...

Does anyone have any hints?

Thanks a lot,


FirstSpirit Client 4.2.446.45868

Server: (HTTP)

Benutzer: Admin

Version Server: 4.2.446.45868

Lizensiert für: xxx

Speicher: 35,14 von 123,75 MByte belegt

Java Version: 1.6.0_25 32bit Sun Microsystems Inc.

Betriebssystem: Windows 7 6.1 x86

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this error is logged if  "show in navigation menue" is not checked for this folder or the folder doesn't have a startnode. Maybe the latter applies in your case? If not, please attach some screens of the subtree and the "show in navigation menue" setting.

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