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problems with fs_cli export when command line is to long

Trough our module we give user possibility to choose which files needs to be exported, later export command is created with path to every file that user chose (for example path:/mediastore/layout/jscript/popup path_2 path_3 and so). But, if user choose to many files we end up with exception "Command line is to long" because of command prompt limitations for command string length (max 8191 characters).

Because every export delete previous export results there is no option to derive one export into more exports.

Command line limitations can be overridden in the way that we put all paths in one file and then send that file to export command (fs-cli export file.txt)  but fs-cli doesn't recognized that and throws exception "No applicable parser found for input string file.txt".

So, does anyone have any idea how to resolve this?

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Hi Milos,

as a workaround you could just collect items until you reached the limit, then export to a separate folder and copy the contents of this folder to your export folder.

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