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#link system object migration from fs4 to fs5

Hello community,

I have a question regarding FirstSpirit migration from fs4 to fs5 version.

There is a system object #link which is used quite often which may not be supported in fs5 version.

I have an issue following:

I have 2 format templates which are rendered in link templates.

I have for example removed following

#link.lt_sitestoreref and changed it to lt_sitestoreref

And everything else, but there is one line for setting variables

$CMS_SET(set_link, #link)$

If I remove the line it returns a warning undefined variable set_link.

My question would be with what can I change #link system object.

Kind regards,


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Hello Aleksandar,

it depends on what the #link object was used for. Therefore it would be good, if you could post at least the lines of code,

that contain "set_link". I'd guess they used the #link-object to get the FormData (formerly just "data") of the link.

Best regards


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