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java.lang.SecurityException: Access not allowed for user 'scriptuser (Funktionaler User für Skripte)

I am using 

getReferences(); method of StoreElement class which is first spirit API class.

But i am getting below exception can anyone have any idea how to solve this:

WARN 19.05.2022 07:28:16.329 ( Failure adapting gid
java.lang.SecurityException: Access not allowed for user 'scriptuser (Funktionaler User für Skripte) (Funktionaler User für Skripte)'
at de.espirit.firstspirit.common.GidAgentImpl.checkAccess(
at de.espirit.firstspirit.common.GidAgentImpl.adaptGid(
at de.espirit.firstspirit.client.access.editor.lists.IndexEditorValueImpl$ValueReferencesJournalImpl.addReferenceToDataset(
at de.espirit.firstspirit.content.access.GidDatasetIdentity.reportValueReference(
at de.espirit.firstspirit.content.access.DatasetDataAccessSession.reportValueReference(
at de.espirit.firstspirit.content.access.DatasetDataAccessSession.reportValueReferences(
at de.espirit.firstspirit.content.access.DatasetDataAccessSession$1.reportValueReferences(
at de.espirit.firstspirit.client.access.editor.lists.IndexEditorValueImpl.findReferences(
at de.espirit.firstspirit.client.access.editor.lists.IndexEditorValueImpl.findReferences(

Any help on same would be appreciate.

Thank you in advance. 


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Crownpeak employee

Dear Aradhana,

at least one of the references (generated from a FS_INDEX component) points to a dataset that either has no or not the expected FS_GID.

That you get this exception could be a bug. Please create a ticket for our TechSupport. If possible, provide the information, which dataset or database causes the problem. (I remember a very similar issue with a read-only database).

Best regards

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