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issue while fetching variable value outside the jsp tags

Hi All,


I have written below code but i am not able to fetch the value outside the jsp tag.

String s=request.getParameter("glossar");

//here i am getting value of s

out.println("checking val"+s);

console.log("check 1 to String Client: $CMS_VALUE(glossarVal)$");


now in console.log which is outside of jsp tag there i am getting empty value of "glossarVal".

Can anyone help me like how we can get the value outside the scripting tag.



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Crownpeak employee

Dear Aradhana,

the problem here is a misunderstanding of the FirstSpirit generate/preview function. 

At first FirstSpirit creates a file by interpreting the FirstSpirit Code (e.g. $CMS_... tags) .
Afterwards the created file is interpreted by the web server and then the jsp tags are evaluated.

So it is impossible to use the result of a jsp tag within a FirstSpirit tag.

You either have to implement the logic completely within the FirstSpirit code, or you can use the result of the FirstSpirit code within jsp, but you can't use the result of jsp code within FirstSpirit tags.

Best regards

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