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is DefaultUrlCreator uses the deprectaed interface de.espirit.firstspirit.access.UrlCreator?

Hi All,

We are creating our own UrlCreator on top of the existing first spirit url creators (by delegating a methods to First Spirit url creators).

Since the interface de.espirit.firstspirit.access.UrlCreator is deprecated. so we are creating our own Custom UrlCreators using UrlFactory interface.

But the First Spirit URLCreators (DefaultUrlCreator, InfixUrlCreator, MultiViewUrlCreator) are still implementing the deprecated de.espirit.firstspirit.access.UrlCreator. So is there any replacement for these FirstSpirit urlcreators?

Thank you!

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Hi Kavin,

no, there is no replacement for the First Spirit URL Creators and they are not official API. So, the best way is to implement the methods by your own.

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Does that mean, FS internally uses deprecated functions? Why? Maybe because the UrlFactory does not provide all of the flexibility anymore?

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Hi Heiko,

deprecating functionality doesn't mean that all usages are immediately refactored, because depending on the amount of usages, this can be a lot of work. In reality, the deprecated functionality will get removed somewhen in the future - until then, the functionality has to be refactored, or your code will break. Additionally, new code should be written against the new, non-deprecated API. So yes, usually there's a time, where deprecated functionality is still used by old implementations, in FirstSpirit too, of course - hopefully not because the newer API is worse than the old one, but because the code migration simply isn't done yet.

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Hello Kavin,

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