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getStoredUrl show values, even if I clear the URL cache


I want to build a page for the internal preview in ContentCreator, that shows some information about the
existing pages and especially their stored URLs.


I collect the necessary information via FirstSpirit script over the getStoredUrl(..) function at the PageRef objects.


I noticed, that I have two different behaviours:

If I declare the scripts as "template" and use it in a PageTemplate within the internal preview, the function gives me a stored URL, even if I cleared the cache for the specific PageRef.


If I declare the script as "menu" and use it e.g. from the SiteArchitect Menu, it shows empty URLs, which seems correct.


Now I wonder why I have this behaviour and how I can "fix" it for the "template" version...

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Crownpeak employee

Hello mgrunert,

if an URL is requested within a generation/preview, the appropriate URL is created (and stored, depending on the URL creator used).

But since you are using the Content Creator - why don't you use the build in SEO URL function (available since 2023-09). You can find more information about it within the release notes of that version:
Chapter 4.72 of the up-to-date combined release notes

Best regards

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