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fs-integration and query-servlet


when trying to use the query-servlet to look for data, which contains characters like "ä", "ö", "ü" it always returns 0-results (even there are datasets with those characters contained).

I use the <input type="hidden" name="query_xml"> tag to generate the xml-query string, which takes the to query values from different <input type="text"> fields.

When starting the query and looking into the log-files I see that the values with the special characters have been transfered to the server, but somehow the query-mechanism in the background seems to have problems.

Any ideas? Patches?

Thanks a lot!



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Hi Gunnar,

maybe you have to transform the special characters to entities?

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Is your page, containing your form, send as utf-8?

The charset used in the database is utf-8 as well?

Setting  accept-charset="UTF-8" on the form might help as well.

If not, please post your entire form, database information and the log entries.

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completely forgot to answer to this thread...

The "accept-charset" within the form tag solved the problem

Thanks a lot!



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