I'm new here

convertentities does not convert...


I am using the <CMS_INPUT_TEXT quite a lot and set convertenties=standard to convert the special characters like ö ü ä to  html spechial chars.

unfortunately this does not work 😐

Is there any help for me?


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Ok, thanks

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I just found the same "feature" and found this thread. But I found another one ( where it's said, that convertEntities is no longer supported (and that was 2011).

Which one can I believe?



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The referenced posting is about the attribute for FS_LIST, not about the same attribute in other components (e.g. like CMS_INPUT_TEXT). Please refer to our documentation which lists the settings supported by each component.

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Hey, in FS5 was also a change in the convertingtable. German Umlauts won't be converted with the standard-convertion-table. Maybe you have to edit yours, when you use > FS5.

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